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Dedicated to improving safety at work

We are committed to ensuring and providing safe and healthy working conditions, and to prevent work-related ill-health for all employees, contractors and others involved in any way in the value chain, including customers, suppliers and the public, and defined through Safety and health policy at work.

Creating an environment where occupational safety and health risks are controlled to prevent injuries and illnesses, measures related to risks and opportunities are planned, performance is measured, analyzed and evaluated, and a readable system is constantly reviewed and improved is the basis for establishing and achieving objectives of safety and health at work.

We are compliant with regulations and rules that define safety and health at work. We implement and maintain processes to eliminate hazards and reduce occupational safety and health risks using the following management hierarchy:

  • elimination of danger,
  • replacement with less dangerous operations, materials and equipment,
  • use of engineering management and reorganization of work,
  • the use of administrative management including training,
  • use of appropriate personal protective equipment.
Politika bezbednosti i zdravlja na radu EP Belt Loznica