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The quality systems that we currently own have been checked and certified by the German TUV NORD, so this time too we remain loyal to this certification house and will leave the evaluation and certification of the quality system to them.

EP Belt d.o.o. Loznica is certified according to the requirements of the ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001 standards, all certified by TUV NORD.

Quality control is ensured by constant checking and quality control of incoming products both by our employees and by the Materials Testing Institute in Belgrade and the Vinča Institute.

By installing and accrediting our own laboratory, we will have faster and more extensive quality control of finished products.

Product quality is ensured by purchasing raw materials of the best quality, which is what we have committed ourselves to in our quality policy.

Quality policy is the main of all business policies of EP Belt Loznica and as such it consists of:

  • Using raw material of the best quality
  • Constant development of technical and technological processes of production of impregnated fabrics
  • Procedures for controlling the quality of materials, parts, unfinished products and finished products
  • Training of all employees to achieve the highest goals
  • Using the highest quality equipment in our production and its regular servicing
  • A measure of the level of customer satisfaction with our final product and the services provided
  • A constant increase in the level of QMS with a corresponding increase in product quality

All employees have an obligation to comply with this quality policy.

Politika kvaliteta EP Belt Loznica