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Company mission

EP-BELT doo Loznica sees its mission as continuous and high-quality performance of entrusted activities, in a technologically modern and acceptable manner, with maximum respect for the interests of its stakeholders.

The purpose of the existence, work and development of the company is to fulfill a significant role in meeting the needs of users of the company’s services with modern organization, management and expertise, high professionalism of all employees, which will enable high-quality and continuous production of technical textile products.

The company has defined its mission in several segments, which form the basic framework of the business and development of the company, namely:

Continuous and high-quality performance of its activities in a technologically modern and ecologically acceptable manner, with maximum respect for the public interest of the local environment in which it operates.
Intensive cooperation with interested stakeholders, i.e. citizens and business entities, customers, suppliers, and the development of environmental awareness and responsibility.

EP-BELT doo Loznica significantly affects the quality of life of the broadest layers of society with its way of organization, functioning modalities and the quality of its products.

EP-BELT doo Loznica carries out its mission through intensive cooperation with its stakeholders with the development of environmental awareness and responsibility, respecting the principles of sustainable development, constant concern for the satisfaction of its employees and all service users and their well-being.

Company vision

The vision of the company is a leading position both on the domestic and foreign markets. Recognizability in relation to the competition in the environment through the application of the best available practices, which in the future will set higher standards, both in the field of the technical textile industry, and in the field of investments and their economic justification, which plans and introduces new business rules, while respecting the principles of environmental protection environment, social and governance issues (ESG criteria), the UN Global Compact and the Millennium Development Goals.

The company plans to achieve its vision with a strategy of constant investment in the development and modernization of existing capacities by applying new technological solutions in order to offer its users a more diverse and high-quality product in accordance with the requirements of the users, thereby improving the overall business and developing a positive level of business.

Company's goals

The company’s goals for 2023 are determined in accordance with the basic principles of good management through: production of technical fabrics with as few costs as possible by rationalizing the consumption of input inputs, care for environmental protection, health protection of employees at work, care for employees’ families, improvement of professional performance of employees , improving the efficiency of management in the performance of services and optimizing them, constantly updating user data, increasing the number of users and achieving positive business performance of the company.

The management of the company initiated all employees to make a full contribution to the realization of the adopted goals in accordance with the established powers and responsibilities, by complying with legal regulations and applying the business procedures implemented in the documents of integrated management systems (abbr. IMS) and Financial Management and Control (abbr. FUK).

The intention is to ensure in this way:

Satisfaction of users of our services and other interested parties,
A high degree of achievement of the company’s goals, especially those related to the implementation of business procedures, as well as the optimal level of service provision and organization as a whole,
High level of quality of services and performance of environmental and working environment protection,
The partnership and trust of local self-government and society as a whole and the increase in the number of users of our services,
Financial result in order to invest in new knowledge, technologies and equipment, i
Employee satisfaction and their contribution to the realization of these goals.

EP-BELT doo Loznica has defined the goals for the observed year, as well as planned activities to achieve an increase in the level of production, the number of users, the level of environmental protection, and profit from business activities.

Considerable attention is also focused on informing service users about the way to satisfy their needs and the possibilities offered by the company. These activities were carried out through media monitoring of the company’s work and through the company’s official website.

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