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Confident in the top quality of our products

We have a modern laboratory for chemical tests.

For quick chemical analysis, as well as for proper sorting of materials for further processing or sale, we use modern equipment, which enables high-quality preparation of materials.

In order to test our quality, we invest in testing machines, to test the entire process of our production.

We test all the materials we use in production before the start of production, during the production process, and finally we test the final products, all in order to test the complete production process, for the best possible quality control.

We have fiber testing machines and perform tests on impregnated fabrics.

By testing the entire production, we take care that the product has the best possible quality and avoid problems in the final product.

The testing machines we use are made by TIRAtest and Zvick.

We are in the process of laboratory accreditation. After accreditation, we will be able to issue official certificates on the chemical composition of the product.

Laboratorija za testiranje vlakana i ispitivanje impregniranih tkanina - EP Belt