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Focus on employees

EP Belt d.o.o. Loznica does not achieve its goals alone, but our people do. All members of the EP Belt team are connected by our purpose and values, and our relationships influence the success of EP Belt. We respect and nurture those relationships by seeking and embracing differences, by being honest and transparent in our communications, and by creating a collaborative and inclusive environment. We treat everyone with dignity and fairness, respecting all laws related to employee rights and working conditions.

EP Belt d.o.o. Loznica is certified according to the requirements of the ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001 standards.

Why us?

EP Belt d.o.o. Loznica represents a reputable and stable employer. We believe that people make the difference and many of the company’s activities aim to support the local economy and social aspects of people’s lives.

What do we look for from employees?

We want people in our team who are honest, fair, impartial and trustworthy.

We ask our employees to be professional, responsible, dedicated to clients, to build team spirit and communication, to develop professionally and progress through various forms of continuous education, to be aware of safety and health at work and above all to respect the code of ethical behavior of employees and company values.

Benefits for employees

We provide a work environment where everyone is welcome and this is key to attracting and retaining our best employees. In addition, we are aware of how important employee motivation is, and that is why we provide our employees with a competitive salary, but we also provide other benefits.

Our employees can get various benefits, namely:

  • Base salary (we offer a base salary that is competitive and related to performance. The salary is paid regularly and in full to the employee’s account. Paid pension and health insurance, paid vacation and seasonal use, paid non-working days during holidays, etc.)
  • Bonuses (the possibility of receiving bonuses in accordance with the efforts and contribution of employees to the company’s results)
  • Other benefits (a gift in the amount of 12,000 dinars for newborn and adopted children, administrative bans – purchase in installments, 24-hour insurance in case of accident and injury, monetary rewards for referrals – recommend people you know and trust, after their success at work you will receive monetary reward for contribution to the company, etc…)

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